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making espresso

I don’t know about you, but since I had a taste of the finest espresso coffee, I have been on the quest to finding the best espresso machine for the home or office.
The journey was not equally comfortable as you would imagine, I fell in love with the marque, style, modifications and price of most of these espresso makers eventually found the best that can snuff out my espresso thirst every time I feel like getting hold of this beautiful beverage.

Here is a good espresso maker that I am sure you will love and get attached too for eternity.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Oh, mighty Breville, I am thinking of the best way to describe this espresso beauty without getting emotional, the first thing that drew me to this excellent espresso maker is the professional design and style, perhaps the reason why even decided to try it.

I loved the idea that I will no longer need to tamp the coffee beans to grind; it has a tank that holds the beans to grind on the spot and put it into the filter.

The best features of Breville espresso maker are that it has control of about anything you want about your coffee, the operation control option is easy to use you will not require any manual.

The sweet espresso coffee is attributed to by the 15 bars Italian pump and 600W thermal coil heating temperature; the purge function automatically corrects the water temperature after steaming for desired espresso extraction temperature, hand free grinding cradle and 360-swivel action wand for milk Texturing.

One more unique feature of this good espresso maker is the “Clean me light” that show when the cleaning cycle is required for better quality espresso next time you prepare coffee.

SAECO HD8857/47 Philips Exprellia

Philips Exprellia defines the engineering behind the chocolate making business; this product is one of the highly graded and best grind and coffee makers in the globe.

At a glance, the espresso maker resembles a rocket launcher, and the discernment of the chocolate itself is out of this universe. Any coffee enthusiast will attest that this espresso maker works as the morning alarm because it will wake you up with the smell of the beautiful coffee aroma.

The Philips coffee maker uses professional coffee making technology that separates grind the coffee beans, filter the water and milk carafe that will make the milk froth and brew the coffee to perfection.

The best features of this good espresso maker are the double boiler for a firm and professional result, the latter Perfection Technology that makes dense foam over your coffee, the ceramic grinder that makes certain the coffee does not flow, an adjustable grinder that allows you to settle the coffee richness and character.

Another unique feature not found in many espresso makers includes the auto-clean and de-scaling the dual cleaning on the milk carafe that ensures your hygiene.

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Broken bits and mangled pieces everywhere left scattered around. That’s what solely remained of my favorite toaster I’d previously owned, which was now savagely destroyed and riddled to scraps. If you’re wondering if I did this, no. Sometimes I question myself too but no I didn’t; i’ll tell you who did though.

toast popping from toasterBack in early July of this year, my favorite month because of the fireworks, I’d been sitting at my house reading several comments online and watching some helpful videos regarding toasters (good one at Grady’s Line Camp). I wanted to find the perfect one to toast hotdogs and burger buns. That’s when I randomly stumbled upon what I thought was, still think, are the best toaster reviews 2016 I’d read so far. Needless to say I was planning to purchase this toaster really soon, right before the 4th of July to be exact. C’mon, what’s better than food and fireworks?

As far as I was concerned, nothing was going to go wrong because I called a few locations and found the toaster at a local store. Finally, I knew I could take a breather because I had much less trouble finding it than I’d predicted. Suddenly, That’s when all hell broke loose!

I saw my toaster in sight, immediately I went straight towards it. As soon as my hand clenched against the right corner of that brand new toaster box, the unthinkable happened. In that scrupulous moment indeed, some rude woman came storming after the same exact toaster I was just about to grab. I really wasn’t expecting that to be the last toaster but I held my ground! She literally came and tried to grab the toaster and take off, I don’t think so.

After a mild argument me and this crazy woman had, the store security barged into our debacle and resolved it seriously. I guess they’d apparently seen the entire thing and knew it was rightfully mine so I bought it and left, the woman was escorted outside. This dispute wasn’t over just yet though.

I walked outside, right as I was leaving the store I unexpectedly heard a horn. A loud one at that, I turned to where the noise was to see it was that crazy woman inside her car. That’s when I felt a pit in my stomach that told me something wasn’t right…I was spot on. She started charging right towards me in her vehicle as I was crossing the street so I ran as quick as possible yet accidentally dropped the toaster in my attempt to flee. In a split second, I started to dive over the guardrails and the first thought in my head that sunk in was “Nooo!” Just like that, this woman dashed by in her old blue honda civic and completely ran over my toaster.

After barely escaping with my life from a deranged toaster psycho, all that was left was tattered metal scraps and cords scattered in the street. Luckily several bystanders recorded this unbelievable incident and called the police which dubiously resulted in the capture and arrest of this lady. I’m just saying, next time I go out to purchase another awesome toaster I’ll definitely be looking out because life’s full of all sorts of crazy surprises. Who knows what the next one will end up being.

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I have held the position of a kitchenware and appliances store shop attendant for over two years. My job mostly involves helping the store’s clients find the right kitchenware or appliances. A lot of explaining, recommending, negotiating and advising is needed. My goal is to help clients have adequate information before they decide to buy anything at the store.

One particular question I’ve been asked by clients looking for cookware sets was which I would recommend the most. Unlike most store attendants who would point out the most expensive, I usually point out several beneficial features. This explanation alone has landed me more sales compared to just recommending the price. Here are some of the features I believe the best rated cookware sets should have.

First, I always recommend cookware sets that are made using cast iron, carbon steel or aluminum. These metals are durable and disperse heat evenly. This means they cook food fast and evenly and last longer than others. They can also be used on a variety of heat sources including gas and electric cookers.

Second, I always recommend cookware sets that are seasoned. Seasoning forms an anti-stick layer over the metal frame of the cookware. Besides preventing food from sticking onto the surface, seasoning also allows you to use less fat while cooking. It also makes cleaning the cookware much easier.

Third, I recommend cookware without joints. Modern cookware can include riveted joints which connect the handles to the main body. The reason why I prefer cookware without joints is that I find some joints to be loosely fit. This greatly lowers the lifespan of the cookware. In addition, poorly fitted joints tend to stain after repeated heating and washing.

Finally, I will recommend buying a complete cookware set over buying one item at a time. Buying a complete set proves economical in the long run. In addition, whole sets allow you to get different size cookware to prepare meals of varying quantities.

Check out this article - 7 Most Essential Cookware to Have in Your Kitchen



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Are you looking for the best juicer to buy? In most cases people do ask, which is the best juicer? These days, selecting a juicer is just like the way an individual changes clothes. There are several types of juicers to buy in the market, so be careful when you select. Following the categories of best rated juicers 2015 listed below will help you know how to buy one for your need.

Citrus Juicer:

citrus juicer

This type of juicer is basically based on citrus fruits only. From research and visibility study, there has not been a citrus juicer that can be compared with Breville 800 CPXL. It is the cheapest of them all. The housing component of this type of juicer is made from stainless steel. This is basically done to keep its durability and appearance. It looks attractive and has a lot of features that make it different.

Masticating Juicer 

This type of juicer is used on several kind of fruits and vegetables. In most cases, this type of juicer operate at low speed helping veggies and fruit to retain more nutrients. There is always a great yield during the process of juicing. Though, they are harder to assemble as well difficult to clean when compared to some other juicing machine.

The Omega VRT 350 has been one choice that represent a masticating juicer perfectly. It keeps track of enzymes to produce tasty juicer with increased. You can trust on the service of this type of juicer. The Omega juicer represent this category perfectly because it is basically used for this purpose. If there is any masticating juicer that correspond to positive operation of this category, Omega VRT 350 is the best choice to select. It has an automatic shipping system that help its cleaning process perfectly. These explains briefly the details of best juicers 2015 review as required.

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My mother-in-law decided she wanted to drive a car and made it known in her own way that she needed me to buy her one. I talked this over with my wife and it wasn’t quite an argument (ok, it was an argument) but she won, I think. I didn’t have the time or desire to shop for automobiles so I went with what was popular, practical and reliable. She is now the proud owner of a Perodua Myvi.


For 8 years it was the top seller in Malaysia so it fit the bill as I didn’t want her standing out on the road. I want her blending in which she normally doesn’t do too well. The color is Mocha Silver which suited me fine but she thought it was a little too precious or something. I think she mainly wanted to argue. I threatened to return it if she wasn’t happy with it. She quieted down about the color. She named it her magnificent perodua car.

Teaching her how to drive the magnificent Perodua car fell to me. She’s ridden in cars plenty but driving is something she has little experience doing. I bring the car home and she immediately wants to get in and drive. Her bags for the beach were already packed and she wanted to go right away. I wasn’t going to hand her the keys without her knowing how to work everything. She argued that she knew everything she needed to know so I asked her to turn on the windshield wipers. As much as she wanted the turn signal to move the wipers, it never happened.

She loves her music and wanted to learn how to make it play. It was my mistake to tell her about the MP3 player and she needed to know right then what “empty free” had to do with anything much less music. Her grandchildren could’ve told her but it was me who had to teach her all about it. Thank goodness I didn’t tell her about Bluetooth. She would have told me stories from 40 years ago about the power of shark teeth.

The retractable cup holder under the vent completely distracted her. Yes, it holds tea.

Finally, after close to an hour going over all the features, she backed out of the driveway and almost into my car parked on the street. It took a few seconds to work up the courage to shift to Drive but she did it. The power brakes and her too heavy foot sent me lurching almost to the windshield. It took about 5 nervous minutes to go around the block. If she doesn’t hurt herself or someone else with her magnificent perodua car, I will be a believer in miracles. Thank goodness for the Myvi’s safety features.

More on Perodua Myvi, read this post.

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Even though I am one of the most frequent shoppers of bread makers, I know one thing for sure; singling out the best bread machines from the crowd is not always a walk in the park. Take for example, a few months a go; I needed one of the best bread makers after my old one broke down. I talked to a friend who works in a bakery across town and he recommended a model. Since I knew he was good in what he did, I did not even hesitate; I headed straight to a store in town and bought the exact model he recommended.

Interestingly, the maker did even live to see the light of day, It broke down after only one day. I thought a few fixes would do the trick, but they didn’t. Having spent a considerable amount of my savings on the maker, from that day henceforth, I promised myself that the same would not happen to me again. I went back to drawing board and learn a few things that make the best bread makers. Currently, the following are a few of my handy tips that have over and over seen me and my friends go home with the best bread makers.

First, before I even check for other features, I would want my machine to come with easy to use features. I don’t want to spend the whole week figuring out how the unit works. Durability is another thing that my unit must come with; being able to use the maker for a very long time is the king, and there is no way I would dish out my money if the machine seem fragile. It does not even stop there; I am currently into bread makers that can be programmed. This alone can be of great help when I am in the shower and I want my bread baked all at the same time. At the end; looking at all the good things I would want my bread maker to come with, there are many and the above are the major ones. There is no way I would buy a bread maker if it does not come with them.

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The World of Cutlery

Aug 27, 2015

There is no kitchen that can be full without a chef in it and one of the things that a chef will have used by the end of the day is the kitchen knives. The kitchen knives get used for many activities including slicing, chopping, dicing and mincing. So as to get the right cutting, I always ensure that I have the right knife for the right job. All the kitchen knives get made for a particular purpose and using the wrong knife might end up causing injuries to the user. The size of the kitchen knives will also vary depending on the job of each kitchen knife.

Whenever I decide to shop for the kitchen knives that I need to use, I read the best kitchen knife reviews. The types of knives I look at include paring knives, chef knives, bread knives, cleavers, utility knives and carving knives among others.

Other factors will also drive my selection of the knives I need in the kitchen. I always ensure the knife I have to purchase is built to last, comfortable to hold and can stay sharp for long after sharpening. These are the knives that are considered as everyday knives as I have to use them on a daily basis when preparing and cooking the family meals. You will also find specialty knives that only get used on special occasions at home.

The material making any kitchen knife that I choose will also matter a lot. The blades get made from various materials including the following. The stainless steel is the standard used and known and is an alloy of iron, chromium, and nickel. The carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron and is inexpensive. Other materials I can go for include laminated blades, titanium that is lighter and also a bit more wear-resistant. With the right kitchen knife, my cooking becomes easier and is quick. Always ensure you use the right knife for the right job and kitchen work becomes enjoyable.

Visit this website for further information, Pcn Chef.

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Aroma Rice Cooker

Aug 25, 2015

2015 kicked off with the introduction of newer rice cookers as well as the earlier models still controlling a niche in the market. According to many reviews on top rated electric and computerized rice cookers, the Aroma rice cooker has taken the culinary market by storm. The Aroma rice cooker is regarded by many as one of the best rice cookers to ever hit the kitchens in a long time. The rice cooker with a digital display comes with additional accessories to aid in the preparation of the meals, this include a ladle, a measuring cup, serving spatula, steam tray, instruction manual and also a recipe booklet.

As per the rice cooker reviews, the rice cooker which also doubles up to perform other functions such as steaming vegetables, preparing soups, meat dishes, casseroles, desserts and dips among many other delicacies. The versatility of the Aroma rice cooker is quite evident with the high ratings as well as positive and encouraging reviews from various market sectors such as mums, culinary experts among many other satisfied customers.


The pros of the rice cooker include its energy efficiency which allows large quantity of food to be prepared in a very short time, the cooker also comes in an ergonomically designed shape thus easy and simple to use even by a novice first time user. The rice cooker is also very easy to clean; this is attributed to its non stick surface which will easily clean off even after staying dirty for a long duration. The rice cooker uses very little water consequently avoiding situations where the whole kitchen becomes steamy due to a lot of moisture. The digital display also allows easy monitoring of the cooking process. Read more on the features of Aroma rice cooker here.

The drawbacks of the rice cooker include unavailability of a gadget that allows a user to safely lift off the lid as well as not being able to cook little food portions. Overall the rice cooker is worth the money and time.

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I’m A Coffee Geek!

May 28, 2015


It is considered as a problem for the coffee geeks if they have to pay a lot throughout the day for having a sip of their favorite drink in times. So, it is considerably a better option to own a coffee making machine yourself.

A coffee buff can never compromise with the choice of taste. Therefore one needs to bring such a coffee machine at home that can properly satisfy the thrust of the drinker. According to the experts, espresso coffee machines are the best among the coffee machines brands. Most number of experts suggests Mr. Coffee ECM 21 or Mr. Coffee ECM 20 or Imusa GAU 18200 for them who prefer to experience making their own coffee at home than paying bills for it.

Let us take a look at the basic features of the espresso coffee machines. These machines have milk frother and steam wand which help to make the best home-made cappuccino or macchiato. The power of it may vary 750 to 1500 watts depending on the expected working ability. You can even make 4 cups of coffee at one time with these
machines. However, now it is the time to take a look at some best semi automatic espresso machine. Not only Mr. Coffee ECM 21 or Mr. Coffee ECM 20 or Imusa GAU 18200, but there are more other espresso coffee makers which would serve you well.

1) Cuisinart EM 100: This machine has a 15 bar pressure creator which can squeeze a very good flavor out of your coffee. You can get this one at an exchange rate of $350 only.

2) Gaggia Classic: Most standard among the espresso coffee makers. The experts have appreciated its capability in different espresso machines reviews. It also has a 15 bar pressure pump and it is able to serve several cups of coffee at one time.

3) Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine: We may prefer to mention this at last but it is not the least one as there are more from the category. But this one is one of the best with all its hi-tech features and we must mention that it can serve you the best ever espresso coffee you have tasted ever.

Single espresso a day can reduce blood flow to the heart
An espresso shot to boost your health

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Are you thinking about replacing your microwave? Are you confused by the many brands and types that are available on the market? Let me bring your attention to Panasonic NN-H765BF. This microwave has received excellent reviews.

When I say excellent, I really mean it. So many customers have given it a positive review that it is the top 10 full countertop microwave to purchase. If you don’t believe me, try to search for reviews and you’ll see.

This microwave is good enough to feed a whole family. Before deciding to buy it, make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen to place this Panasonic NN-H765BF. It is a big one. However, I love the size of the turntable. The 15 inch turntable allows me to warm up several containers of leftovers for a hearty dinner. Talk about multi tasking.

Aside from that, the sensor cooking is also a useful feature. It has 9 options for you to choose from baking potatoes to cooking frozen vegetables. With just one push of the button, the microwave will cook your food until it senses steam and stops. It is done perfectly.

Besides that, Panasonic has also reviewed the multiple complaints regarding the dysfunctional touch pad from their other models. This time around they have push buttons to replace the default. Although this microwave can fulfill your dream of owning a good microwave, many users complain about the push button to open the door. Some says that the door will get stuck and you have to push the button with one hand and use the other hand to peel open the door. This is kind of troublesome and Panasonic should have more quality control.

Another problem with this Panasonic NN-H765BF is that it is easy to get scratched. However, take good care of it and you will be able to enjoy this microwave for a long time.

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Chefs and home cooks will always find themselves with annoying cutlery in the kitchen that just won’t work effectively. Among the most infuriating are non-functional knives especially when the chef has a deadline to beat. Home cooks and mothers are also familiar with how it feels like when a family is looking forward to having a nice meal but things are not running smoothly in the kitchen. However there is no need to go through those frustrating sessions.

Global chef knives bring you a variety of these indispensable kitchen cutleries that will make your life easier. Global Chef Knives are the sharpest in the market, enabling you to gloss over cooking procedures like slicing, chopping, mincing and dicing all kinds of ingredients.

Professional Japanese chefs particularly prefer the knives because they perfectly meet their standards and work well for their cooking procedures. These cutleries have the most classic designs and are very light reducing hand fatigue when going through your work.The knives are versatile, providing just the right balance and a very strong grip.They are made in such a way that they are easy to wash enabling the cook to maintain high hygiene standards in the kitchen.

Global Chef Knives are made from CROMOVA 18, the best stainless steel material and is currently selling in over 65 countries. It is the preferred choice among celebrity chefs the world over. Among the types found in all shopping stores is the Global Chef’s Knife Set, NIB Global Piece starter Set-Chef, Bread and Paring-Knife and the Trademark-Global-3-Piece Proline-Chef Knife-Set. Among the Japanese, the Santoku Nakiri 2 piece set is a must have because it is ideal for preparing sushi. Another Set that comes in handy in the kitchen is the gourmet set which includes a small, medium chef-knife and a large chef knife which are well crafted and durable.


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Cooking and Cookware

Oct 25, 2013

The cookware you decide on needs to be dependant on how much usage is expected of it, because there is no reason paying for the hottest cookware brands which you are not able to cook out of.

Almost all master cooks like their cookware to be constructed from copper. This is because copper cookware heats up more quickly with smaller heat compared to various other cookware. This means that you can conserve gas for cooking which can save a little money.

Pick your cookware set well in order for it to last for a long time ahead. Nevertheless, when people are advised to be sure that they are buying the best cookware, they should remain with their budgets as well. Look at the many types of cookware available and don’t forget how necessary it is to get cooking equipment to suit your needs. So there are a couple factors to be aware of when choosing the good quality cookware.

While some pots and pans are endorsed as safe in dishwasher, professionals are convinced that you could have your cookware looking brand-new by hand washing your pots and pans in warm water and soap and drying it meticulously using a soft cloth before storing away.

Cast iron cookware may be the best camping cookware to get. Camping cookware is required to be very strong since you really want it to be dependable and functional. Good cookware can help to keep the good nutrition of the foodstuff and often times add more flavor. Apart from keeping the taste, it also helps decrease the risk of toxic food.


A non-stick skillet is an important cooking equipment you will need at home. Some people feel that nonstick cookware is a lot easier to clean; while others are convinced that non-stick is better for health considering that you needn’t put so much cooking oil for cooking food.

The perfect cookware comes with a copper or aluminum core enclosed in stainless steel coverings on the exterior and interior of the pan. The best cookware set reviews are the ideal source to find out whether you make a smart selection. Simply because people who make an effort to talk about their viewpoints on the internet provide information.

We have a wide range of cookware sets available, it’s not easy to determine which type to get. The most important characteristic you’ll want to check when shopping for cookware sets is sturdiness.

You’ll want to know that the cookware set you are getting is suitable for your kind of hob. Besides that, two of the most important considerations are pot lids and handles. If you plan to put the pots and pans in the oven, will the handles be able to put up with the high temperature?

Contrary to Teflon lined non stick pans that easily scratches, hard anodized cookware don’t scratch, warm up rapidly, will not rust, and will not react with food during cooking.When you have cooking equipment with great heat conductivity, it is clear that the food could be evenly cooked. Whenever you turn the heat to low or high, copper pans will respond instantly to the temperature change.

Calphalon put in another metal to make the cookware. In addition to copper and stainless, they also included aluminum to the production of the cookware sets. The competence of heat transmission is garnered by using the copper as exterior and aluminum as core.

Stainless pots and pans is the selection of expert chefs and also home cooks. The stainless steel is robust, safe, attractive and will let you use any sort of utensil.


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The Cuisinart stands out as an easy to use for baking your bread . Though anyone can use it, only the advanced users will get value for their money because they can utilize the baking machine’s multiple programs and options. For someone who is eager to learn more about the craft and art of bread making, then this will be the perfect machine to choose. As you grow into a professional baker, the utility derived from the machine will increase. This makes the Cuisinart brand as the best bread maker to watch.

Cuisinart bread makers reviews all mention the high quality of loaves that the machine produces. This is true and anyone failing to get the perfect loaves should work on the ingredients as they are a major cause of dry, hard and badly risen loaves. Despite the myriad of settings that are possible, the baking machines are quite easy to clean though on some models the pan might take some extra effort to remove. A good thing about Cuisinart is the quietness of all its bread maker models. Some people still say that it is loud, but they are few. Most users also love their sleek and stylish appearance, especially the newer models. Being attractive also contributes to Cuisinart popularity in 2014.

If you can cope with occasional pan pop up form the base, then there is nothing else to worry about. The removal paddle, the multiple functionality and the attractive design, thanks to the use of stylish stainless steel, all make Cuisinart the brand to check out when shopping for a bread maker. It is ideal for starters who are keen on honing their craft and advanced users looking for suitable replacements to what they already have. The price is also affordable as compared to other bread makers and the utility increases as machine usage increases.

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We have a tradition of having dessert after every meal at home. These are varied, sometimes pastries, other times chocolate bars, but desserts we must have to leave a sweet aftertaste after each meal. With children growing up in the house and the fad of being health conscious these days with them preferring alkaline food over acidic to lose weight, we have switched over to yogurt dessert after meals now. This serves the purpose since we can alter the flavours from vanilla to strawberry and many more, and still not get bored with having the same stuff everyday.

Last Saturday evening, we called over some friends and relatives for dinner. It was in fact my birthday, and my children insisted that we celebrate it in a grand way this time among people that we love dearly. The only condition was that food served needed to be healthy. Well, that made my task easier. I tossed some salads, made some meat cooked in rice with spices, served bread, wine, and yogurt dessert in butterscotch flavour. It was a fabulous hit with all, and most of my friends said they would have this sort of a meal plan next time they threw a party at their home. They were quite impressed with my idea of serving yogurt dessert, and said they would visit Wal-Mart the next day and stock up their refrigerator with various flavours to have whenever the sweet bug would take over their tastebuds.

Well, I have started preparing the yogurt dessert at home, which I find a healthier option than buying it from the stores with its mixed additives. It is a simple process really, where the milk needs to be warmed up and mixed with a teaspoon of yogurt and the desired flavour added. This has to be kept aside until the yogurt is formed, and then put in the fridge for cooling. If done the right way, it tastes like ice cream. In fact, when I served it at my birthday bash, everyone thought it was ice cream until I told them it was home-prepared yogurt.

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