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15 hackers arrested for developing game cheats programs


Fifteen hackers were arrested for developing and selling hacking programs affecting Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). These hackers have been fined $5.1m in total.
According to the developer of PUBG, Bluehole reaffirmed that other suspect are being investigated. 

A release by the authorities who's investigating the case, which is translated by the PUBG developer reads;

"15 major suspects including 'OMG', 'FL', '火狐', '须弥' and '炎黄' were arrested for developing hack programs, hosting marketplaces for hack programs, and brokering transactions. Currently the suspects have been fined approximately 30m RMB ($5.1m USD). Other suspects related to this case are still being investigated.

"Some hack programs that are being distributed through the internet include a Huigezi Trojan horse (Chinese backdoor) virus. It was proven that hack developers used this virus to control users’ PC, scan their data, and extract information illegally.”

"We’ll continue to crack down on hacking/cheating programs, until our players are free to battle it out in a totally fair environment," Bluehole added.

In the release, RMB was err as RNB, thus, the correct currency code is changed by our editor.

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