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9% of Americans deleted their Facebook account amidst Cambridge Analytica saga


The #DeleteFacebook campaign seems to have had at least some impact, according to Creative Strategies’ principal analyst Carolina Milanesi. According to a survey carried out by Creative Strategies on 1,000 Americans in different age and gender groups. 39% were very aware of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and 37% said to be somewhat aware. 28% percent of interviewed individuals never trusted Mark Zuckerberg’s social network to begin with. 41% said they are somewhat concerned about what Facebook is doing with their private data, while 36% said they are very concerned.

Earlier, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the #DeleteFacebook campaign has no impact on the social media giant.

“I don’t think there’s been any meaningful impact that we’ve observed,” Facebook co-founder and CEO said.

If you read through the data on privacy concerns and plans to lower engagement, one wonders why people are on Facebook in the first place.

Right here is the place Zuckerbergs clarification of what he created rings authentic to customers: connecting people.
53% of our panelists are on Facebook to maintain in contact with associates and loved ones who don't are living inside the field. 48% mentioned they are on Facebook to retain up with buddies they misplaced contact with. Messenger and group are the opposite two drivers to the platform attracting 19% and 16% of the panelists. For these panelists who're very involved about privateness the opportunity to preserve in contact with people is even a more robust driver and seems to be ample to make utilising Facebook important.
20% of the panel acknowledged they're on Facebook since they're bored. This datapoint deserves a whole separate speak in my opinion on the function that social media play on account that the digital gossip magazine or the actual-life cleaning soap opera channel.

17% deleted their Facebook app from their phone, 11% deleted from other devices, and 9% deleted their account altogether. These numbers might not worry Facebook too much, but there are less drastic steps users are taking that should be worrying as they directly impact Facebook’s business model.


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