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Danish rail network hit by cyber attack


Denske Statsbaner also known as Danish State Railway (DSB) - which is the biggest company - was under Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack. This inflict inconveniences​ and prevented hundreds of thousands travellers from buy tickets.

The attack also hit DSB's website, mobile applications, ticketing​ machines and a number of kiosks in the railway stations. To some degree, the intercom and intranet of DSB were all affected. The intensity of the attack is yet to be ascertained.

Rejsekort travel cards was the rescue for the day, for those passengers who have it.

Aske Wieth-Knudsen DSB vice-director confirmed the attack in a statement.
“Our technicians and IT contractors have analysed this closely during the night and have concluded this is an outside attack in which someone has attempted to bring our system down."

The internal communications systems were also affected said Aske.

"Internal mail and telephone systems used by DSB staff were also affected by the cyber attack, rendering the company able to communicate via social media or provide staff or customers with further information."

This is not the first time of experiencing such problem, as DSB had similar this year but caused by an electronic failure and not cyber attack.

“They type of attack we saw yesterday is a new way of doing things that we [DSB, ed.] haven’t seen before. So a little more close analysis is required for us to see what exactly happened so we can prevent a reoccurrence."

“Now the day has started we will naturally contact relevant bodies,” Wieth-Knudsen added.

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