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Decrease in DDOS attacks in Q4 of 2017


There has been an 18% decrease in the Distribution Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in the fourth quarter of 2017 in comparism to the third quarter, a to a report.

The report was by Verisign, a leading Internet and domain security in the world.

"Attackers continue to launch repeated attacks against their targets. In fact, Verisign observed that 45 per cent of customers who experienced DDoS attacks in Q4 2017 were targeted multiple times during the quarter," according to Verisign.

A DDoS is a type of attack where multiple systems, which are under the control of the attacker, are used to target a single system preventing legimate users from access the services.

"DDoS attacks remain unpredictable and vary widely in terms of speed and complexity," it added.

About 88% of DDoS attacks mitigated by Verisign in the fourth quarter are from clusters of computers.

The largest volumetric DDoS attack observed was a multi-vector attack that peaked at approximately 2.5 Gbps and around 1 Mpps for one hour, the company said.

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