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Deleted WeChat messages are retrieved by Chinese government


It is not a huge surprise to internet users about accessing their data by security agencies, what is surprising is admitting doing it openly in public. WeChat application is a globally used app, which the Chinese government revealed their capabilities to retrieve deleted messages.

According to a post on social media by an anti-corruption commission from Hefei, it has "retrieved a series of deleted​ WeChat conversations​from a subject" which is part of an ongoing investigation.

The post by the commission was deleted on Sunday, which is too late as many people had seen it and understood the implementation.

WeChat is operated by Tencent and has about a billion people. The company explained in a statement that “WeChat does not store any chat histories — they are only stored on users’ phones and computers.”

Many countries, including the U.S, lack confidence in Chinese electrical companies as a result banning Chinese's​devices and other services from official use or sensitive application.

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