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Dual Booting or buying a new computer to run Linux OS?


Dual booting is my first point of suggestions when it comes to running Linux OS for the first time. Not withstanding, if you intend to totally do away with Windows OS, ready to take the bull by horn, then you can totally uninstall Windows OS from your computer.

Buying new computer is not within the capacity of everyone. The trick below will surely help.

Linux OS is very friendly with many devices

Linux OS can run on virtually every computing devices be it Intel or AMD-based system. Although, you may encounter one or two problems if you are using outdated devices. These problems may be hardware related like any of the cards (video card). Though due to technological advancement, most devices have drivers that works fine with outdated systems. A hard drive of about 100GB and 1GB of RAM can do just fine if you are not going to engage in heavy tasks process on the system. The above suggestions is also applicable for a Mac computer.

Are you considering running Linux OS on a Raspberry Pi? This device comes with a pre-install Linux OS on it. Yes, am talking about even a $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, although it comes as a development machine, and it is still a Linux OS right?

Are you considering an old PowerPC based Mac? Debian is a good choice for that. Debian OS is Linux based OS.

It's worthy of noting that any piece of hardware out there that is physically capable of running Linux, someone has probably made a port of it.

Advisedly, you should get a better and powerful machine, that way, you will enjoy the super fastness of Linux OS. Linux is a very light OS, so it’ll run basically even on  a very low-end hardware.

If you are considering a development machine, you will want to have a comfortable system for your development, so a decent sized SSD will go a long way. You should also have a memory that will speed up system processes.

Assuming you are a graphics designer, get a very good video card you are going to be developing for.

There are several choices at your disposal. Starting​ from the top of the list and then progress work down as your Linux expertise grows will be a wise idea.

Do you know that Linux OS runs on a USB memory stick and boot your existing computer from that? This is a better way way to try Linux without having to mess up your existing OS. Many Linux distributions support this, all you need is a “bootable” USB stick. Then you change your BIOS settings to tell the computer to try booting from USB before it tries to boot from the hard drive. You can make your existing computer “dual boot” into either windows or Linux.

Still thinking of buying a new computer? Probably it does not matter which PC you get. Linux works well on almost all PC’s that can run Windows.

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