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Hacker DDoS Skype and Google Jailed


A 21 year old hacker has been jailed for selling malware and running a botnet on the Dark Web. He was convicted for launching Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks on some of the biggest technologies firms including Google and Skype.

Alex Bassel, 21 years from Liverpool was identified by the West Midlands Police, UK as the hacker behind series of attacks against Google, Skype and Nintendo Pokémon domains.

According to a report, the attacker have over 9,000 computers under his control through the use of botnet. He uses these computers to launch a DDoS attack on victims website.

The Police said, there was total of 102 attacks carried out by Bassel using these clusters of computers under his control.

The hacker also stole over 750 account credentials using the botnet, but there was no further details regarding where these credentials where stolen from.

Using a nickname "Aiobuy," Bessell have been operating an illegal store in the Dark Web. He sold a variety of hacking tools and malware, including remote administration tools (THAT), botnet systems, crypters, booter access, and "other illegal items," according to law enforcement.

He was able to secure about 26,000 customers and he made about $700,000 by selling over 9,000 hacking tools.

Bessell was charged and pleaded guilty on 10 count charges, including unauthorized access to computers, impairing the operation of computers, making and supplying malware, and money laundering.

"In the past, we have seen hackers escape with suspended prison sentences or even community orders but courts are increasingly switching onto the damage cyber crooks can wreak," said Investigating officer DC Mark Bird, from the West Midlands Regional Cybercrime Unit. "They can destroy businesses and cause huge financial distress for people and families."

"Anyone who is using their technical expertise for sinister motives needs to sit up and take notice of this sentence -- because they face a very real risk of being jailed," Bird added.

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