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Internet dark and scary side


Look at your device camera right now. Done? Was it safe? What if I told you that you might have just made eye contact with a stranger? Intrigued? Then, let me explain.

Ever since I watched the movie "Snowden" a few weeks ago, my (healthy) paranoia about the internet has gone through the roof! For a good reason.

The movie chronicles the true story of Edward Snowden, the American spy-turned-whistle-blower who leaked several documents revealing how governments around the globe spy on private lives of their citizens and basically anyone else they want.

The scariest moment in the movie is when Snowden reveals how the CIA infects people's PCs and other devices with a virus that can activate your device camera, even if the device is switched OFF, to watch you live!

Breaking into people’s emails and social media accounts to obtain private info seems like child's play to spy agencies. So, if you like posting stuff on Facebook for "Only Me", know that it has never been and may never be for only you.

Don't forget, spies are important security apparatus for any country or government. They help prevent many crimes and man-made catastrophes, including wars.

However, the fact that governments have that capacity to be Peeping Tom on you also means that individuals and organised cyber criminals can do that too.

Therefore, whenever you use a laptop or any device with a camera, beware that someone, somewhere, has the capacity to be an uninvited, front row spectator of your personal life.

The worst part is, whoever can do this is so advanced you may never find out. When the security of internet giants like Google, Apple and Facebook can be breached without knowing what hit them, who are you and I in this race for control of mankind?

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