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Is it necessary to have antivirus on smartphone?

Yes, it is precisely what I have always thought. I understand that the Android code is based on Linux, so it should present its same potential against viruses. But I'm left with some doubt based on this because I've seen several people who comment on the need to have antivirus on their smartphones to protect their personal information or any malicious app.

In that sense, I fully understand djrakowski's comment,

I can only offer my opinion. No, I don't think it's necessary to install antivirus software unless you're in the habit of surfing dodgy websites or downloading software from sources other than the Google Play Store.

What if the case is that I continually make payments through my cell phone? What it means, TDC management and other payment methods. If this is the case and not that I browse through malicious websites, would it still be necessary to have an antivirus or Android give me adequate protection against the theft of that information?

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