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Over $150,00 stolen by hackers using DNS scam


One of the most popular cryptocurrency wallet, My Ether Wallet (MEW) appears to be on the radar of hackers through the Domain Name Server (DNS) hacking. In this new attack, victims were being redirected to another site through DNS server instead of MEW site.

MEW, via it's Twitter handle, said most of the victims were using Google DNS Servers. They also hinted that, victims might have been served SSL warning, but they ignorance it.

Be conscious of your activities on internet

Users should always pay attention for SSL warning and to cross check to make sure they are on the right url. MEW also recommend using Couldflare DNS instead of Google DNS.

216 Ether was lost, which is equivalent to $152,00. This reported figure was disputed by Tech Crunch, saying that the amount is higher, may be upto$365,00.

DNS attack challenges

One of the major challenges to such kind of problem is that, it's beyond MEW control as it's not a security issue from their end. The only thing they can do is to enlighten users with respect to being security conscious online.

Over $150,00 stolen by hackers using DNS scam
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Is MEW not sure about the DNS servers?

According to Kevin Beaumont, Amazon DNS was used and not Google's​ DNS. The hackers routes and serve traffic for over two hours. So far, MEW happens to be the only target in this attack.

 This attack will serve as a wake-up call to security researchers​ with respect to the Domain Name Server.

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