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Ransomware leads in cyber security threats


Major IT firms faced with cyber security threats - mostly ransomware; one way or the other in last two years to date, a report by US Signal an IT solution firm based in USA.

According to a survey carried out by the firm, focusing on security expert, 120 were involved in the survey. 40% were victims of cyber security threats last year. 81% agreed cyber security threats had increased compared to previous year. 13% were not certain whether or not they were victim.

Despite increase in cyber security defense by giants and small tech firms, it's shows that these firms are still vulnerable to attack.

Challenges faced by most firms according to the survey are email threats - ransomware, phishing and malware related.

The report explain;

The findings imply that users still don’t understand email security best practices and that many organizations could benefit from increased phishing and Internet safety education programs. It’s also evident that patches and updates are now top of mind, as many of the last year’s largest data breaches relied on the exploitation of unpatched vulnerabilities.

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