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Shimming – new way hackers steal credit card information


Users of credit card processing devices need to be aware of their transactional environment, this will help in circumventing this new credit card information attack. Shimming is a new hacking technique implored by hackers to steal user credit card information. 

A warning have been issued by financial institution about this attack. There was skimming before now, but shimming has taken over the internet in terms of credit card information theft.Scammers mimic ATM and other card processing devices - using a microchip and flash storage - where victims insert their card for processing financial transactions. This device "shim" copies and save victim information on the flash storage.

The information from the card, which is a magnetic strip is copied to shim - in some cases sent to the hacker. It might be too late even if users realised​.

Such cases is in a growing number in the USA and some other part of the globe. Users are advised to take measures when carrying out transaction on card processing devices. 

Normally, a card processing device makes it very easy to insert your card into the device, if you find yourself struggling to do so, it might be a sign - shim is present; you can report immediately to the merchant.

It's paramount importance for users to be extra vigilant while dealing with credit card processing devices - such will save them and others from being victim of this shimming attack by hackers.

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