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Still not using VPN? Have a rethink for privacy on Internet


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) became necessity at this technological privacy uprising. Still not using VPN reading this? Rethink for your privacy on Internet.

Secured Vs Unsecured Traffic

Significant percentage of Internet users are aware about the risk of their privacy regards to internet usage. According to a survey carried out by PCMag on February, over 70% of each 1000 Internet users never used VPN. Another astonishing fact, about 50% of those who use VPN are mandated to do so by their work place. This means less than 15% voluntarily uses VPN.

It's known fact, most Internet users are aware of VPN, privacy challenges and how VPN can assist. Surprisingly, largest group of users do not use VPN.

Existing Threats to Privacy

The overwhelming interest in VPN in recent times is due to volume of privacy challenges on internet. Majority of advice for avoidance of such attacks were "use a VPN" - both from professionals and others.

Selling of anonymous user data by Internet Service Providers (ISP) have a legal backing in some other countries. This places ISPs in higher threats categories in terms of individual privacy.

Facebook is mentioned as a threat by majority of Internet users, this is prio to Cambridge Analytica scandal. There are many facebook-like out there or even worst - users have to be extra careful.

In reality, Facebook kind of surveillance is beyond VPN protection - these are information you gave out - mostly willingly; but is being used beyond your imagination.

Handful of crimes are carried out via VPN, this and other reasons - may be likely made government to be interested in VPN circle. This action made VPN adoption larger within the society - Russia banning of Telegram few weeks back, is a practical case study.

Man In The Middle attack is always a success in absence of VPN when using a public WiFi.

Is There Still Privacy on Internet?

The scariest truth - No! In which ever case, is just shifting your trust from one group of people to another. Quite a number of VPN Providers​ claimed not to log your activities - how sure are you about this?

Who and where you are - whom you are hiding for and who is hunting you are the only boundaries to determined the existence and otherwise of privacy on internet.
A staggering 7 percent said they would surrender personal info for free adult content. I find this particularly mind blowing, as there is not (last I checked) a dearth of free porn on the internet.

Should You Use VPN?

Definitely yes - it's an additional layer of security related to privacy on internet. VPN has limitations - you won't be anonymous by using VPN. Anonymity on internet is a huge work - achieving it also comes with a price. Tor and system isolation - and other advanced techniques may be used to achieve it.

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