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Windows diagnostic data viewer let you delete data collected and sent to Microsoft


The recent update by Microsoft Windows Operating Systems this April, introduces​ very important new features. Some of these features enhanced the previous available features on Windows 10 tools. Others​ are new which address users concerns for long period of time.
In the latter category, a new tool called "diagnostic data viewer" is added to Windows 10. Microsoft Windows 10 has received criticism for long period of time, about collecting extensive telemetry data and sending it back to Microsoft.

This feature let you review what your Windows OS collects. You also have the option to delete it.

How to Review and Delete the Data Collected by Windows OS

Step 1

You must enable data viewing. This can be found in Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback. You can then enable Diagnostic data viewer.

Step 2

Click on the Diagnostic Data Viewer button which will take you to Microsoft Store to download the Diagnostic Data Viewer app. Once downloaded, install it, and launch the app from your Start Menu.

Step 3

After launching the app, on the left side panel, you can find the data collected “events” once you click on any "events" it will reveal to you the data that is being sent to Microsoft.

Step 4

The search box can be used to look find information about certain apps. You can search for the program you use the most on your computer.

Step 5

This tool has the ability to export a copy of the data for further analysis. You can do this by clicking​ on the Export button on the left to download it as a CSV file format.

Step 6

The delete button on the Settings page give you the ability to delete these information from Microsoft servers.

Please note that, this process can take up 1GB of your hard drive. So do not forget to disable this setting to save space especially if you do not plan to check it often. You can also limit the amount of data you share with Microsoft from the Diagnostics & feedback page, you can change your setting from Full to Basic -  this will send Microsoft less information about your activities on the computer.

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